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Barbados is spiritually alive, it vibrates with enlightenment and vitality. You will see it in the faces of its fishermen, coconut vendors, shopkeepers, hotel workers, artisans, policemen and pedestrians. You will hear it in our music, in the laughter of its people, in their talk and friendly gossip and you will sense it in their spontaneous, natural and happy disposition.

Religious Denominations in Barbados

There are over 100 religious groups operating in Barbados and their places of worship range from the majestic coral stone structures to the simple chattel house:

Historic Religious Buildings in Barbados

When the first English settlers landed in Holetown in 1627, their chaplain quickly erected a church for his congregation and in a short time an entire vestry system of Anglican parish churches and rectories was built. Some of the original churches are said to be haunted and the St. John's Parish Church contains the tomb of the descendant of an ancient Roman emperor.

The original religious buildings of Barbados are beautiful spiritual retreats, steeped in history and tradition, and offering some of the most scenic views of the island.

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