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Agro-fest in Barbados – an experience to remember!

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As I got nearer to the Barbadian renowned Queen’s Park, I was greeted by scores and scores of people, both outside and inside of the massive iron gate which separated the general public from the patrons of Agro-fest.

My initial thinking was “why so many people?” but as I got closer to the rear of the park I immediately made the discovery. The animals were a sight to see! What caught my eyes, along with probably forty more patrons, was the size of a massive red poll heifer. It was humongous and a beauty in its own right. Its brown coat shone stunningly as the evening light set in over the park. I touched it on its forehead!

Magnificent heifer at Agrofest

As we roamed the venue some more, I was drawn to the aviary which housed many species of birds. Guinea birds, finches, ducks – you name it!  It was truly fascinating! The highlight of the Aviary ironically was not the wide variety of birds in the aviary but a lonesome parrot at the entrance.

As persons entered the aviary, they greeted this particular parrot and awaited witty responses and humorous engagement but to our surprise, silence. As we tried to conclude what was the issue with this particular parrot, a simple glance at the name tag below the cage simply explained this strange occurrence. He was likened to a very prominent minister in the Barbadian government known for his silence.

Locally produced fruits, vegetables, and livestock were in abundance.

Local vegetables at Agrofest

I took a stroll over to my friends in the AIS (Agricultural Information Services) booth located to the north of the park.  Here I was enlightened with information about renewable energy and farming.

Displays and demos of subsistence farming using solar energy and rainwater was quite edifying and encouraging. My enthusiasm was sparked when I set my eyes upon the aquaponics setup located in the fisheries division of the AIS booth.

All of this produce around me started to have an effect on my mind, I began to feel extremely hungry and tired from all of the trekking as well. We ventured to a nearby food stall and purchased some fried chicken and pig tails which was absolutely delightful.

After fortifying ourselves, we headed back out to explore even more exhibits, this time on the craft side! Baskets, pottery, fine art and fashion were on display… all by local craftsmen and craftswomen. Plants, flowers, herbs and local wines were also on sale and I purchased some of each!

Flowers on sale at Agrofest

Although I missed the judging for the ram and dog shows I must say Agro-fest was definitely an experience to remember!

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