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SAP 505 Sailing Kicks off Barbados World Championship

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22 Apr 2013

SAP Technology Shares Barbados Championship with the World

The 5O5 2013 World Championship, which takes place in Barbados, from April 22–May 3, 2013,  is again  sponsored by SAP bringing with it its latest interactive technology  to the island.

see 505 Worlds Barbados 2013 Video | by Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia

The SAP technology allows fans and sailors to experience the regatta for the international 5O5 sailing class like never before. The official regatta website,,  features an online “Live Center”  with real-time access to leader boards, 2-D and 3-D race visualizations. Live text and commentary will keep fans updated with all the action. The SAP systems also make replays and visualizations available. The live leader board and in-race commentary is also be available on mobile devices at

The 505 Sailing Class

The 5O5 is a light weight two-handed boat with a high performance hull and a powerful sail plan and trapeze. The boat has outstanding performance in all conditions. It is quick, agile and responsive in light wind, and very fast in a good breeze. At 10 knots of wind planing may begin.

505’s are One-Design, with tight control on the sailplan and hull shape. The rigging layout, spars, and the foils are open.
Thus the boat to be set up to suit the sailors using several different sail and layout combinations from around the world.

hiking out on the 505

The result is that, at any World competition, all the types will be used. Many of the boats have adjustable shrouds, forestay, and mast ram, which allows rig tension, rake and bend to be changed while racing. It still takes the best sailors to win.

The  Barbados Champianships

Home to a number of local and regional regattas, and many Mount Gay races, in 2010 Barbados played host to the World Fireball Championships. This year, the Barbados Yacht Club hosts the fifth SAP 5O5 World Championship. The venue is the Barbados Yacht Club.

Not only is Barbados a great sailing venue but the hospitality of the Caribbean and the Bajan people will make the 2013 World Championships a milestone in 5O5 history.

The island offers a variety of accommodation and activities for sailors and fans. Book with us at


SAP Resources | 505 History and Design  | Bookings

SAP 505 beach hut club house

SAP 505 beach hut club house, a cool place to lounge

SAP Hut on Barbados Yacht Club Beach

SAP Hut Barbados Yacht Club Beach.. This was build for the occasion and will be taken down at the end of the event.

Stormy day sailing in Barbados

505 coming in from a race under a stormy sky

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