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Turtle swimming off Barbados west coast

Several species of turtles inhabit the waters around Barbados. The females that are born on the island's beaches will eventually return to nest here. The four species found off Barbados are:
(1) Hawksbill
(2) Loggerhead
(3) Leatherback
(4) Green turtle.

The Barbados Sea Turtle Project does an amazing job in ensuring the continued existence of these endangered creatures, through monitoring & research, education and training. They routinely rescue turtle hatchlings that require assistance and release them on suitable beaches at sunset.


Tortoises are kept mainly as pets, and of course some escape and live in the wild especially in the gullies across the island. The population is suspected to be quite small.

We highly recommend a visit to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve to observe these curious creatures.

Frogs & Toads

One thing that visitors to Barbados quickly notice is the nighttime serenade of the whistling frog! These tiny creatures are quite harmless.

There is only one species of toad in Barbados, the Cane Toad which was introduced to the island in the 1800's to control the pests that affected sugar cane.


Green lizards are very common in Barbados.

The tropical house gecko, which is nocturnal, can be found in some homes. In fact, many people consider it good luck to have one take up residence!


Snakes in Barbados are quite rare. The early settlers introduced the mongoose to the island and these virtually eliminated the local snake population. However the Barbados threadsnake, endemic only to Barbados, is the smallest known snake species!

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