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Shark Hole Beach and Bay

Getting There is An Adventure

Aerial view of Shark Hole

It's quite an adventure setting off to find Shark Hole. We suggest that you have your Maps app switched on with cellular enabled on your phone.

Unfortunately there is no map that will tell you exactly how to get there and asking directions in Barbados is always fascinating but often not entirely helpful. But, once you do get there you'll be rewarded with a marvelous little bay dug out of the coral cliffs and surrounded by a coral outhead making it very intimate and protected.

It gets pretty crowded with just a few families and is a popular spot with the community on weekends. If you want it all to yourself that may be a problem, but it is often deserted on weekdays in the early morning.

It's well worth a visit as it is an exceptional geological feature unlike any other beach on the island. It looks like the ocean carved out this spoon type funnel in the coral and deposited a good pile of sand in it.

The beach head is a spoon-shaped sand pit with the ocean coming in through a narrow funnel. It is protected from the full force of the ocean crashing onto the shore by a ridge of coral rock outside of the funnel. At its widest it is just 40ft or so across.

Overlooking Shark Hole beach
Overlooking Shark Hole beach

Fun to Wade - Beware of The Tides

The wave action is fun, but be careful as there are tides a-foot outside of the barrier reef that protects the cove. The Atlantic Ocean waves along this coast of Barbados are often unpredictable, and there are typically strong undercurrents and riptides. If you wade in the funnel and stay inside the reef you'll be safe, but do not swim outside the reef.

Shark Hole Funnel
Shark Hole Funnel
Beach at Shark Hole
Beach at Shark Hole

What's in a Name?

The name Shark Hole may have something to do with an old fishing tale, but there are no sharks in this pool and no account of them here.

Cliff overlooking the bay
Cliff overlooking the bay


Here is what a Barbadian had to say on TripAdvisor "As a local I enjoy driving to find serene, quiet spots to spend some alone time and this spot is definitely it. Hearing the waves hit underneath the cliffs is absolutely calming and the view is amazing." - TammyB2571

How to Get to Shark Hole

Sam Lord's Castle

Head to Sam Lords Castle which is well marked and easy to find on the map. You don’t need to go all the way there but it's a good idea to visit Sam Lords Castle which is 3mins drive from Shark Hole. This old pirate's castle is currently being reconstructed and will open in 2020 as a Wyndham Grand Resort.

Once you get to Sam Lords, head back along the same road and look out for Marine Drive on your left, it’s a few minutes drive.

At the end of the drive (less than a minute) turn left on Ocean Dr..

Turn right at the first street and drive straight down to the end. From there you can step onto the coral cliff and walk carefully to your right. You will see the funnel and the beach on your right at the edge of the cliff.

To access the beach you can take a short walk to the next side street up from the cliff. On the left watch out for a 3 foot alley between 2 houses. That is the entrance to Shark Hole Bay and the beach.

Map showing directions from Sam Lords Castle to the beach entrance
Map showing directions from Sam Lords Castle to the beach entrance
Marine Drive 2 - Ocean Dr. Left Road to cliff Walk to road above cliff Path to sea by houses

You Can Always Ask For Directions

If those directions are not clear try asking someone on the road for assistance. Bajans love to help as you will see.

Your phone GPS will definitely be helpful. Be sure to have a data plan switched on as WiFi is not available here. Turn Cellular on, turn mapping on, and you are all set to go anywhere!

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