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Blackmans Gully & Bridge

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Blackmans Gully is located in the parish of St. Joseph on the east coast of Barbados.

Blackmans is part of an islandwide series of gullies that form a vital part of our ecosystem. The gullies are home to many animals, including the Green Monkey, along with a wide range of plants some of which have medicinal value.

Overlooking the gully is Blackmans Bridge which dates back to before 1682! The bridge is between 35 and 40 metres long and between 3 and 5 metres wide.

Blackmans Gully & Bridge, Barbados
Blackmans Gully and Bridge, Barbados

Blackmans Bridge was constructed with limestone boulders. These were plastered together with a white lime and sand mixture. Molasses and egg whites were also added to the mixture to give strength!

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