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Chase Vault

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Located in the churchyard at the Christ Church Parish Church is the mysterious Chase Vault, known for its moving coffins!

The mystery began on August 9th 1812 when the vault was opened for the interment of wealthy landowner Colonel Thomas Chase. To the horror of onlookers the coffins already located in the vault, including two of Chase's daughters, were found to have moved from their original locations and were now scattered in the small crypt!

Chase vault
The Chase Vault today

That might have been the end of the tale but for the fact that this spectacle was repeated 4 years later and again the following year. This despite that fact that the coffins had been carefully arranged and the vault re-sealed on each occasion.

Inspection of the vault revealed no alternate entrances or secret passageways. In 1819 the Governor of Barbados oversaw another burial in the vault and affixed his seal to the concrete sealing the entrance. However just a year later the vault was opened once again (with the seal found intact) and once again the coffins were found in disarray.

Having had enough of these "moving coffins", the family and authorities decided to remove the coffins from the vault and bury them separately. Finally the dead could truly rest in peace. But the mystery remains...

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