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St. Joseph

Parish Highlights

This lush parish on the east coast of the island is home to 3 beautiful tropical gardens - Flower Forest Botanical Gardens, Huntes Gardens and Andromeda Botanical Gardens. Historic sites in the parish include Cotton Tower Signal Station and Barclays Park.

The rugged seascapes of St. Joseph are truly spectacular. In Bathsheba conditions are ideal for surfing and many international surfers have ranked it as a top surf spot! This is also a great place for beach walks and picnics. The tidal pools at Bathsheba and Cattlewash invite you in for a refreshing soak.

A hike along the old train line takes you past beautiful seascapes and through the picturesque fishing community of Tent Bay.

Inland we suggest a visit to PEG Farm and Nature Reserve, a great spot for walking, seeing free-range animals, exploring a medicinal garden, and discovering clifftop views of the countryside and coast.

Photos of St.Joseph

  • Beautifully rugged eastern coastline
  • Explore 3 tropical gardens
  • Dramatic seascapes
  • Watch the surfers in action
  • Stop for a picnic

Parish Map

Top Places To Stay In St.Joseph

Leave the crowds on the south and west coasts, as you escape to the rugged beauty of the east. A stay in St.Joseph is the perfect romantic getaway, a chance to relax by yourself, or enjoy a hiking or surfing adventure!

Best Places To Eat In St.Joseph

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Bathsheba, St.Joseph, Barbados
Bathsheba, St.Joseph, Barbados
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