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West Indian Sea Island Cotton

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Barbados' unique geographical position, climate and soil make the island the ideal location for growing West Indian Sea Island cotton.

This incredible variety of cotton is rated as the highest grade, due mainly to the fiber's length, strength and silkiest. Grown by a small selection of farmers on the island, this precious cotton is mostly exported and transformed into exquisite apparel that is luxurious to the touch and highly durable.

West Indian Sea Island cotton has traditionally been a favourite of the wealthy and royalty. The "James Bond" character is known to be very fond of Sea Island cotton as Ian Fleming mentions in several of his books.

West Indian Sea Island Cotton has been grown in Barbados for centuries, with records dating back to 1650!

Barbados cotton products
Barbados cotton transformed into colourful scarves
Bales of Barbados cotton for export
Bales of Barbados cotton for export

Visit Exclusive Cottons of the Caribbean, in the heart of the beautiful Barbados countryside, to see how this amazing cotton is processed locally. You're also invited to browse the small gift shop featuring several cotton products including scarves, napkins and totebags. Call ahead of time to arrange your tour.

Tel: (246) 433-3108

Luxurious cotton apparel
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