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Pierhead Beach and Pirate's Cove

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Located at the northern end of Brownes Beach is the lovely Pierhead Beach.

Pierhead Beach

Here the warm turquoise Caribbean waters gently caress the shores, creating perfect conditions for swimming and sea bathing. The wide, soft sandy beach invites you to spread a towel and relax in the sunshine.

Pierhead beach is at the northern end of one of the longest stretches of continuous beach in Barbados. You can start here and walk south all the way to the Barbados Yacht Club.

The very popular Pirates Cove beach club is located at Pierhead beach. To the south is the very equally popular Boatyard. Both are great spots to spend the day enjoying tropical drinks, warm sunshine and lots of watersports activities.

Wake up early and head to Pierhead to see some of the top racehorses in Barbados having their ritual seabath!

The beach is located on Bay Street right in the heart of the capital city - Bridgetown. You can easily stroll into town for lunch at one of the many restaurants - from the elegant Waterfront Cafe to fast food outlets and small local eateries.

If you're visiting Barbados as part of a Caribbean cruise, this is a wonderful beach on which to spend the day as it is just about 20 minutes walk from the cruise port.

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