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Flamboyant trees in full bloom in Barbados!

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Every summer, between May and September, the Barbados landscape becomes a cascade of red, orange and yellow… the Flamboyant trees are in full bloom!

Red Flamboyant Tree in full bloom in Barbados

Red Flamboyant tree in full bloom in Barbados

The red variety, seen above, is by far the most common in Barbados, however the yellow and orange varieties can also be found across the island. When different colored Flamboyant trees are planted close together the effect is spectacular!

If you are planning a Barbados vacation, consider coming in the summer months when these magnificent trees are in full bloom!

The Flamboyant tree is also known as the Royal Poinciana or Flaming Tree and is very popular in Barbados and across the Caribbean. In addition to its breathtaking beauty, the Flamboyant tree also provides excellent shade on a sunny day!

Yellow Flamboyant tree in Barbados

Yellow Flamboyant tree in Barbados

If you love flora and foliage, Barbados is an ideal holiday destination! Natural beauty can be found all around but there are extra special gardens that are well worth a visit… these include Andromeda Gardens, Hunte’s Gardens, the Flower Forest and Orchid World.

If you visit the island in January or February be sure to check the schedule for the Barbados Horticultural Society Open Gardens Programme, which features open gardens at private residences across the island.

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