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Barbados Bicycle and Motor Scooter Rentals and Tours

Barbados Motor Scooter Rentals

Motor Scooter Rentals in Barbados

An adventurous option to explore the island at your own pace while enjoyng the cooling country breeze! Motor scooters require a small deposit and discounts are sometimes offered for seven-day rentals.

You need to obtain a permit to drive a motor scooter; this permit can be obtained from a local police station and you will need to present a valid driver's licence and make a small payment of Bds$10.00 (US$5.00).

Barbados Scooter Rentals

Barbados Bike Rentals

Bike Rentals in Barbados

You can also hire a bicycle and cycle around the island, or go on a guided bike tour for a unique way to explore Barbados.

Read more about cycling in Barbados.

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Don't be disappointed: Book ahead to guarantee you don't miss out on the best tours & activities.

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