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10 Things To Learn On A Barbados Island Tour

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Whether you're a first time visitor to the island or a regular guest on our shores, there is always something new to learn about Barbados. Hey, even as Bajans we're still picking up new information and island secrets on a regular basis!

An island tour is the perfect way to learn more about Barbados as the tour guides have extensive training and also frequently chat with locals, especially the old-timers who have the best tales and know the historic facts of their little corner of the island.

So here are 10 things you might learn on a Barbados island tour:

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    Animal Flower CaveYou can swim in an ocean-front cave with stunning views at the north of the island. When large swells make swimming in the cave unsafe the owners joke that the cave is closed for a mermaid's birthday party.

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    Atlantic OceanBarbados is not touched by the Caribbean Sea, in fact the entire island is completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Despite this, there is a marked difference between the tranquil west coast and the rugged eastern shores.

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    Bearded Fig TreeThe name Barbados comes from the Portuguese term Los Barbados meaning "the bearded ones", a reference to the numerous Bearded Fig Trees early explorers spotted on the island. Amerindian inhabitants of the island called it "Ichirouganaim" meaning red island with white teeth (reefs).

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    Parliament BuildingsBarbados has the third oldest parliament in the Commonwealth, dating back to 1639. The historic Parliament Buildings and Museum of Parliament in Bridgetown are well worth a visit.

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    Flying fishBarbados is known as "the land of flying fish", a nod to locals' love of this tasty fish. Flying fish forms part of our national dish and a depiction of a flying fish also appears on our one dollar coin.

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    ConcordeSupersonic flight finds a home on our island. A retired British Airways Concorde is housed in a hanger next to the international airport. The Concorde made weekly visits to Barbados during the winter season.

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    MongooseIt is considered good luck if a mongoose crosses your path. These small mammals have a gene mutation that protects against snake venom and they are the reason that Barbados has so few snakes.

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    Barbados parishesThe island is divided into 11 parishes yet only one bears a female name - the northernmost parish of St.Lucy. Two central parishes - St.Thomas and St.George - have no coastline.

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    Sea turtlesBarbados is home to the second-largest hawksbill turtle nesting population in the Caribbean, with up to 500 turtles laying eggs each year. The Barbados Sea Turtle Project plays a vital role in protecting these endangered animals.

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    Haunted graveThere is a "haunted grave" in the burial ground of one of our historic churches. Coffins in this family crypt were found to have mysteriously moved and changed position each time it was reopened for a burial.

10 Things To Learn On A Barbados Island Tour
10 Things To Learn On A Barbados Island Tour
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