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Why Choose A Private Tour?

Get away from the crowds: If you prefer touring in a small group, or want to spend an amazing day exporing the island with family or friends, then a private Barbados tour is perfect for you. You'll also have the personal attention of the tour guide, who will share with you island folklore and keep you thoroughly entertained.

You pick the route: Rather than being tied down to the same old path other tours are taking, you'll be picking the route & tour stops with helpful tips from the local guide. Choose from breathtaking beaches, stunning vistas, tropical gardens, underground wonders, historic sites or rum tours, or combine them all into one amazing day! It's entirely up to you.

Freedom: Driving by an incredible beach and want to stop for a selfie? No problem, your driver will be happy to do so. Wish to spend a little longer at a particular stop? Well it's your tour so lets stay awhile!

Private Tour Guides

  • Frolick on breathtaking beaches
  • Be awed by stunning vistas
  • Explore tropical gardens
  • Discover underground wonders
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