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Relax and enjoy your Barbados vacation with the convenience of a personal driver at your service!

Rather than relying on taxi services, let your own personal driver chauffeur you around the island - on an island tour, shopping, to restaurants and nightlife, and much more!

Personal Drivers

  • Discover hidden island treasures
  • Stop for a quick dip in the sea
  • Experience the thrill of amazing views

Having a personal driver, you can enjoy exploring the island at your own pace, without driving yourself. No chance of getting lost, or forgetting to stay on the left side of the road! Driving can be stressful and tiring, especially if it's your first time visiting and you're not familiar with the island. That's no way to spend your vacation. Far better to sit back and take in the tropical scenery all around. Plus, without the responsibility of driving, you'll all get to safely enjoy a few more rum punches!

Stop where and when you wish, for a quick dip in the warm crystal-clear waters, to admire an amazing view, explore a historic plantation home or discover the wonders of an underground cave.

While a traditional island tour is a wonderful way to see the island, a personal guide can give you much more individual attention, answer your questions, and give you unique insights into the intriguing and colourful history of Barbados.

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