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Fielding Babb

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Fielding Babb's work carried over thirty years of maturity and he was one of Barbados' most respected artists. In the 1960's Fielding found himself in a not so enviable position. As an artist it was hard to make ends meet. The Art movement at this time in Barbados had very little foundation and even less support. Fielding held on and played an instrumental part in the growth of Fine Arts as we know it today (with art tours abroad, local support, growing respect for artist, more exposure and more art galleries).

In the early seventies Fielding worked mainly as a Water Colourist, but by the early eighties, had switched over to oils. His technique varied from palette knife to short diagonal strokes both of which he found best for capturing the colours of his chosen scenes.

A typical Barbadian scene as captured by Fielding Babb

Fielding painted in true colour: brilliant skies form over traditional Bajan scenes like the local rum shop, the old chattel house or peaceful villages depicting Barbadian country life. What was important to Fielding was to create, through painting, a documentary of life at home in Barbados as he sees it.

Fielding Babb's work can be seen in local art galleries. He also exhibited abroad: in North America, and within the Caribbean region.

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