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Experience the underwater beauty and wonder in the waters off Barbados, and stay completely safe and dry, when you dive with Atlantis Submarines!

Glide over coral reefs and sunken shipwrecks as tropical fish, eels, manta-rays and maybe even a turtle swim by. Large portholes for all guests give you a comfortable and wide view of the ocean’s treasures.

It’s a short boat ride from shore to rendezvous with the submarine. If you’re prone to motion sickness just mention that to the guide and you’ll be directed to the seating area where you’ll be most comfortable.¬†Once settled on the sub it’s a smooth dive and you’ll quickly be so mesmerized by the surroundings that any nervousness with disappear.

Atlantis Submarines has been operating in Barbados since 1987 and has experienced no major incidents. Safety audits, a well-trained staff, and backup systems are major components of this exceptional safety record.

Atlantis Submarines

Many visitors refer to their submarine dive as the highlight of their trip to Barbados and several choose to repeat the day dive or try the intriguing night dive which is a totally different experience as distinct marine life emerges after dark!

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