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Caribbean surfing spots: waves heat up in Barbados

Caribbean surfing spots: waves heat up in Barbados

As the summer ends the waves will soon be heating up in the Caribbean island of Barbados as the surfing season reaches its peak! September will see the Senior Surfer of the Year and Junior Surfer of the Year competitions for men, women and juniors in both longboard and bodyboard. These events will be held at Parlour in Bathsheba, […]

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Steel pan music in Barbados

Steel pan music is most associated with our neighbouring islands of Trinidad and Tobago where the artform was born, but steel pan music is also extremely popular in Barbados as seen in the several pan events included in our Crop Over summer festival. Steel pan events found on the 2011 Barbados Crop Over Calendar include: […]

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Barbados wins gold at Taste of the Caribbean 2011

The Barbados Culinary team did the island proud by capturing a Gold team medal at Taste of the Caribbean 2011! Mitchell Husbands of Barbados was also awarded the “Chef of the Year” honours. Barbados was very much among the awards with team members winning the following: Gold medal: Janelle Crawford Gold medal: Andre Nurse Gold medal: Wilmore Jordan Silver […]

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