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Barbados to host World Flower Show

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Barbados has been selected to host the 2017 World Flower Show!

FlamboyantThe event, which is held every 3 years, will take place in Barbados from June 18th to 25th, 2017.

Visitors and event participants will surely be wowed not only by the beauty of the flowers and arrangements on display, but also by the incredible flora all across the island:  red and gold Flamboyant trees,  all colours of hibiscus, beautiful Allamanda flowers, plumbago shrubs, colourful crotons, and our national flower the Pride of Barbados just to name a few.

Barbados has a rich horticultural heritage, with outstanding performances for many years at the annual Chelsea Flower Show. An annual Open Gardens programme showcases the best gardens around the island.

The island has previously hosted many major festivals, including the World Golf Championships, Top Gear Festival and Cricket World Cup.


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