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Barbados celebrates Independence Day on November 30th but the celebrations run throughout the month.

November is a great month to visit Barbados, as the country is alight with the national colours blue and gold. Here are some ways that you can join in….

The month begins with the official lighting ceremony of buildings, including historic Parliament Buildings, in the capital city Bridgetown. Head into Bridgetown (phone/camera in hand of course) to see the city set alight.

Parliament Buildings Barbados Lit For Independence

With a nighttime drive around the island you’ll see many roundabouts and businesses decorated and lighted with national colours.

A wonderful way to experience our local culture is to attend the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) shows which take place throughout November. These shows cover a wide range of creative genres including dance, music, theatre, photography and visual arts.

The Independence Day parade is one of the most popular Independence events. Head to the historic Garrison Savannah (where the Barbados flag was first raised on November 30th 1966) to see this impressive parade of military and civilian personnel. Visiting officers, such as officers on visiting naval vessels, often participate as well. The parade is usually held on November 30th, which is a national holiday on the island.

Be sure to sample conkies, made from corn flour, pumpkin, coconut and sweet potato, which are a traditional November treat in Barbados.

We certainly hope you enjoy visiting Barbados during November and joining in our Independence celebrations.

We’ll leave you with our national anthem…

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