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Did you know that the Caribbean island of Barbados is home to four historic lighthouses?

South Point Lighthouse Barbados

South Point Lighthouse, Barbados

South Point Lighthouse, Barbados
The oldest of Barbados’ lighthouses, South Point was assembled on the island in 1852. It had been shown at London’s Great Exhibition  in 1851.

This and Needham’s Point lighthouse are in the best shape, however none of the lighthouse towers are open to the public.

Ragged Point Lighthouse
This lighthouse is located on the most easterly point of Barbados where magnificent coastal views abound! The Ragged Point lighthouse dates back to 1875.

While the tower itself is in reasonably good condition, the lighthouse buildings are unfortunately in a state of disrepair.

Needham's Point Lighthouse, Barbados

Needham's Point Lighthouse, Barbados

Needham’s Point Lighthouse
Located in the ground of the Hilton Barbados hotel,  this lighthouse is in wonderful condition. Dating back to 1855 this is the second oldest lighthouse in Barbados.

Unlike the other Barbados lighthouses, Needhams Point lighthouse features a stationary rather than rotating light.

Harrison Point Lighthouse
Located in the north of the island overlooking the rugged north-west coastline, Harrison Point is the youngest of the Barbados lighthouses, having been erected in 1925.

This is the most remote of the Barbados lighthouses. A good map and strong nerve are recommended when seeking this one out!

More information
Check out the Barbados satellite map view of these lighthouses for more information and to plan your Barbados lighthouse tour!

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