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Barbados Beach Of The Week: Turtle Beach

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For our Barbados Beach of the Week, we head to the popular St. Lawrence Gap area to explore Turtle Beach!

Turtle Beach is a wide expanse of white sand lapped by turquoise waters (and the waters off Barbados truly are more turquoise than blue).

There’s something here to satisfy everyone … sunbathers bask on the sand or on loungers; children laugh as they dip their toes in the waves breaking onshore; teenagers boogie board; and everyone swims and relaxes in the soothing warm waters.

Turtle Beach, Barbados

Turtle Beach, Barbados

On this part of the coastline the waves become more lively, although still very safe for swimming and sea bathing. The waves off Turtle Beach, combined with strong breezes offshore, create ideal conditions for windsurfers whose colourful sails you’ll see zipping along out to sea. Closer to shore boogie boarders enjoy riding the waves onto the beach!

As the name suggests this is a popular beach for nesting turtles.  Adult females born on this beach will return here to lay their eggs giving life to another generation of these amazing creatures. Barbados has a strong culture  of turtle conservation and volunteers will often be on hand to oversee the hatchlings as they emerge from the nest and head to the shore. You can participate by watching or assisting hatchlings as instructed by the volunteers.

It is not uncommon to see adult turtles bobbing up for air in the waters offshore.

St. Lawrence Gap is the hub of nightlife and great dining in Barbados but Turtle Beach is located on the quieter eastern end of The Gap, so you don’t even realize you’re so close to all the action! There are several beachfront hotels along Turtle Beach, it’s a wonderful place to stay to enjoy the beach-life and the nightlife!

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