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Changing of the Sentry in Barbados

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Each Thursday the historic Garrison area in Barbados comes alive with the “Changing Of The Sentry” ceremony!

The event officially starts at 11:45 am but the crowd gathers earlier to mingle, enjoy the sweet steel pan music that fills the air, and get a good position to view the ceremony.

The sound of the military band signals that the ceremony is about to begin and the crowd gets ready to enjoy the show.

Changing of the Sentry at the Main Guard, Barbados

Changing of the Sentry at the Main Guard, Barbados

The sentries officially take their position in front the Main Guard House and the band parades directly in front of this historic building. Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison, including the Main Guard House, are a UNESCO designated historic site.

After the ceremony many persons stay around for a while to take pictures with the sentries and enjoy local delicacies like mauby (drink), fish cakes and sugar cakes.

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