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Barbados Beach of the Week: Colony Club/Heron Bay

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This week we’re on the western coast of Barbados and stopping in at the Colony Club or Heron Bay beach.

As with most Barbados west coast beaches the calm waters here are ideal for a relaxing soak or an invigorating swim. Just as wonderful is to bask on the fine-coral sands as the turquoise waves lap the shore.

Mature trees provide shade but there are no picnic or washroom facilities available.

Colony Club beach, Barbados

Colony Club beach, Barbados

Bring along a mask and snorkel to explore the small collection of coral reefs at the northern end of the beach. Turtles are known to nest on this beach so you may come across a turtle nest or young hatchlings making their way to the ocean.

Many locals refer to the beach as “Colony Club” beach after the hotel of the same name that sits beachfront to the south. The beach is also referred to as Heron Bay after the luxurious property that sits on the northern end of the beach. Heron Bay is set over 20 acres of manicured gardens which includes a small lake. The home has played host to royalty and international political leaders including US President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.

If you’re staying in the Holetown area, then Colony Club is just a short walk away. The beach is also conveniently located along the main bus route, and of course it’s a great stop if you’re touring Barbados by car.

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