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What’s the weather like in Barbados? That’s a question we get asked quite a bit, especially from visitors planning their first trip to Barbados. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s a quick answer 🙂

Another bright sunny day in Barbados

Another bright sunny day in Barbados

Sunny Skies
Yes that is a pretty typical day in Barbados! In fact the island has over 3000 hours of sunshine each year.

Warm but breezy
With  daily highs around 30C / 86F, you’ll certainly feel warm in Barbados but we are also blessed with cooling breezes so that it’s rarely unbearably hot.

At night
At night temperatures typically drop to 25C / 77F.
Any cooler and most locals will start looking for a sweater 🙂

The rainy season runs from June to November. Even in a warm tropical climate like Barbados we need some rainfall. The quick sharp showers we usually experience provide drinking water (Barbados water is naturally filtered through limestone) and help keep the island blooming like this:

Barbados abloom!

Barbados abloom!

What about hurricanes?
Due to the location of Barbados within the Caribbean, hurricanes rarely hit Barbados. In fact the last major hit from a hurricane was in 1955! Occasionally the island is affected by tropical storms during the June-October season.

More info?
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