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Barbados Beach of The Week: Rainbow Beach

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Nestled on the south coast of Barbados is one of the island’s best kept secrets – a beach that has escaped the crowds but is a definite favourite of those who know it and return to its shores each year. This is Rainbow Beach.

Rainbow Beach, Barbados

Ah... lovely Rainbow Beach, Barbados

Rainbow Beach has always featured palm fringed sands and slightly lively surf suitable for boogie boarding but still wonderful for a leisurely soak. Until quite recently swimming off this beach was not the best as the rocky coral was often exposed at low tide.

Extensive beach restoration work has now been done, resulting in a much wider beach and waters that invite you to take a plunge. The waves are still great for boogie boarding and a small surf school operates off the beach where gentler waves attracting the beginners.

The beach has another set of regular visitors …. turtles! Nearly every year turtle nests can be seen on Rainbow Beach. When the eggs hatch it’s great fun to see the hatchlings heading down the shore and out to sea. Sometimes they get a little confused by the lights and need a helping hand, but there are always visitors and locals nearby to assist.

Rainbow Beach is one of many Barbados beaches where you’ll spot great sunsets, such as this one:

Sunset at Rainbow Beach

Sunset at Rainbow Beach

To it’s regulars the beach also goes by the names “White Sands” beach and “Salt Ash” beach, named after two popular accommodation in the area. The Ocean Two hotel and condominiums has recently opened at the eastern end of Rainbow Beach and is earning great reviews from guests.

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