Folkestone Marine Park & Museum

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I had the opportunity yesterday to visit the Folkestone Marine Park and Museum!

I think every Barbadian schoolchild has visited Folkestone on a school trip and has recalls being mesmerized by the seawater aquariums, awed by the huge whale bones and amazed at the antique bottles retrieved from shipwrecks around Barbados. Of course the children’s playpark, tennis courts and picnic benches.. and a day off school!.. made it pretty popular with us as well!

Seawater Aquarium at Folkestone

Seawater Aquarium at Folkestone

Returning and viewing it from an adult perspective is rewarding in its own way. The marine exhibits are just as inspiring and the picnic benches as relaxing (no swings and see-saws for me this time though!). But the visit brings a renewed appreciation of the beauty and fragility of our marine environment. I leave with a greater understanding of how vital a role the staff of the Folkestone Marine Park and Museum play in monitoring and protecting this part of our ecosystem.

When you visit Barbados please stop by Folkestone on the west coast (if you’re staying in the Holetown area it’s a short walk or bus ride north). If you’re travelling with kids they’ll really enjoy the exhibits and the play park.

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