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Barbadians enjoying a cricket match

Barbadians enjoying a cricket match

Barbados Beach Vendor - Anthony

Barbados Beach Vendor - Anthony

Ask many visitors to Barbados what brings them back year after year and the answer may surprise you. Very often it isn’t the warm weather, spectacular beaches or wonderful restaurants. It’s the people.

For those of us lucky enough to live in Barbados this answer isn’t too surprising. Every day we are surrounded by genuinely nice people – people who can’t pass anyone along the street without saying ‘Good morning’; who hold open doors for others; who are always willing to help family, friends, neighbours, and often complete strangers.

Compared to many of our Caribbean neighbours, Barbadians (or Bajans) are generally much more conservative and quiet. This is true but just like our Caribbean family our character is based on genuine friendliness and caring.

It was hardly surprising then to read “One of the most genuinely well-mannered people I’ve ever met is a fellow named David in Barbados” in a recent Reuters  article on Modern Etiquette. The author describes David as a diver and fisherman who understands that “people are much more important than the rules”.

To me David exudes the qualities of a true Barbadian -kindness, generosity and enthusiasm for life.

We’re truly lucky to experience this every day and we hope that you will also have the opportunity to visit our shores and meet people just like David who will no doubt make your trip unforgettable.

For our repeat visitors I’m probably preaching to the choir.. you’ve surely experienced this yourself in Barbados. Please add your comments below…

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Our People - 'Bajans'
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