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Barbados Culture: Earthworks Pottery

Barbados Culture: Earthworks Pottery

Barbados is well known as a cultural center of the Caribbean. Among the talented local craftspersons and artists are the potters. Today we visit those at Earthworks Pottery!

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What’s On In Barbados

For an island that’s just 166 square miles it’s amazing how much there is to in Barbados! Every day, and every night, the island is abuzz with activity and there truly is something for everyone. For sports fans there’s: cricket playing nearly every weekend polo season between January and April horseracing throughout the year motorsports, […]

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Barbados Artist Wins Grand Prize at International Contemporary Printmaking Biennial

Barbados artist Joscelyn Gardner has been awarded the Grand Prize at the International Contemporary Printmaking Biennial. She won for her Creole Portraits III suite of lithographs. Barbados has a very vibrant art scene with several galleries holding exhibitions throughout the year.  On your next Barbados vacation take a break from the beach and activities to spend some […]

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