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Vujaday Music Festival Barbados: An Amazing Event to Be Repeated

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Vujaday Music Festival Barbados Review – A Wild Success!

“After an amazing first edition of the Vujaday Music Festival this past April, it is with great excitement we announce our return to Barbados for year two on April 3rd-7th, 2019! Experience paradise for the first time all over again with new locations, artists, and parties.”.

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Vujaday Music Festival Barbados

It was not hard to see why Ryan Kruger, the founder of Vujaday, choose Barbados. As he put it: “It is a tropical paradise and strikes the right balance of natural beauty with all mod cons”, adding that, “the modern lifestyle and conveniences are a must for the Vujaday audiences.”

picture yourself here in Barbados

bottom bay beach a fav Vujaday Barbados

Vujaday People

Vujaday people loved the miles of white sand beaches on an island of endless summer with a distinct culture and heritage and modernity. One thing that was especially appealing was the unique way in which the events were staged around the island. In all, there were five pop-up stages and the crowd enjoyed trekking from one to another.

Vujaday Barbados organizers carefully selected and scheduled events alternating between beach clubs and inland events staged in “stunning private residences with immaculate grounds and tropical beauty.” As Kruger says: “All of the sites were chosen to highlight the natural splendor of the island while allowing us to safely and efficiently execute memorable experiences.”

6 mens bay fishing villa boats- popular with vujaday barbados fans

A Musical Safari

It is like a “Vujaday Barbados Music Safari”, said one first-time visitor to the island, who particularly loved discovering the island while jiving to the riveting Vujaday beat. It was like a Safari for those who used the shuttle bus and trekked across the island to events stages on the beach, in island plantations and on the rugged windswept Atlantic Coast.

Vujaday3 liveaction Mikey Lion

Mikey Lion of Desert Hearts had the crowd swinging on day 3 at Copacabana – DJs included Lee Reynolds, Vienna based DJ Cassy, the legendary Mark Knight, and 3D (Dave Seaman, Darren Emerson, Danny Howells)

Fans and Performers in Perpetual Motion

vujaday DJ lee Reynolds joining in

Lee Reynolds leaves the stage to be part of the party on Vujaday Barbados day3

The 50 or so DJs played music and danced with the audience for 12 hours non-stop on each of the 5 days. They blended well with the crowd, enjoying ever moment of each performance as much as any fan. Many fans stepped in front of the camera to have their photos taken and share the moment with the world.

vujaday fans 3 girls smile for the cameraman

Fans sharing the moment with the press review team

day1 crowd jiving

Vujaday1 at Priate’s Cove had everyone dancing to beat of Latmun and Solardo, Justin Martin, Chicago house and techno legend Green Velvet and Hot Creations Nathan Barato.

Vujaday1 crowd-filming

day 4 Cromwell House JD Abrahams

Cornwall House DJs played a stunning combination of house, techno and disco artists such as Art Department, DJ Abraham, Gaby Endo, Lauren Lane, YokoO, Nitin, Lee Foss, and Behrouz

Day 4 VujaDay Exuberance

day 5 moving to lee burridge beat

Day 5 Copacabana was hot with fever on fire with Francesca Lombardo and a great line up that included Atish, Bedouin, DJ Luxe, DJ Tennis, Lee Burridge, Nature of Music, Salomé

front row day5 with lee buridge cococabana-md2

Francesca Lombardo-feveronfire vujaday 5

Day 5 Fever on fire with Italian sensation Francesca Lombardo. Some took the opportunity to celebrate an occasion with their own fire!

day4 dj Abraham

Dj Amraham at Conrwall House in Bathsheba Day 4, built up a storm to serenade the howling winds and the steady surf in the background

Joy and Community

What was truly remarkable was the sense of joy and community. People were friendly and respectful. There never was any pushing and shoving. Everyone stood back to let other pass and apologized if they got in the way of our press cameras. It was delightful!

The events were very well organized and nicely balanced; from sultry “Fever” by Francesca Lombardo to the howling winds at Bathsheba blowing music by DJ Abraham over the ocean and Dream founder Lee Burridge.

DJ Lee Burridge

Lee Burridge on the final night was spinning tables and syncing music to the crowd

Wild and windy Bathsheba

View from cherry tree to the rugged windswept Atlantic Coast and Bathsheba, where fans partied through the night at Cornwall house on day 4

Vujaday: What’s in a Name

‘Vujaday’ was inspired by ‘Déjà Vu’, reversing the word. ‘Déjà vu’ is that feeling that you’ve experienced an event before, even though you may be experiencing it for the first time. “It’s weird enough even without reaching for metaphysical explanations.”  That’s what cognitive psychologist, Dr. Anne Cleary, set out to examine — and the results were less eerie than you’d think. See more here >> 

In transposing ‘Déjà vu’, ‘Vujaday’ is something like a butterfly effect. In fact their promotion, logos and stage setting have images of the butterfly.

Vujaday butterfly effect

The Vujaday butterfly

Edward Lorenz, the mild-mannered Massachusetts Institute of Technology meteorology professor, developed the concept of the butterfly effect to illustrate the idea of how complex dynamical systems exhibit unpredictable behaviours –  such as that small variance in the initial conditions – could have profound and widely divergent effects on the system’s outcomes. We can see how a DJ’s interaction with the audience and their reaction change the entire course of a musical event.

Unlike Anything You Have Seen Before

Vujaday is not like anything you have experienced before because it has never happened exactly like that, ever. The music is improvised and very much based on the crowds’ reaction. The DJs experimented with effects, synthesizing sounds for the occasion. And, based on the audience response, they ignited the crowd by playing to the mood of the moment. They orchestrated multiple sound sources including DJ mixers, turntables, CDs, digital audio and computer-synthesised effects to create seamless streams of truly unique music. Their dance rhythms kept everyone on their feet, shuffling sand as they danced on the beach.

The fans, who never stopped moving to the beat, travelled thousands of miles to visit Barbados for this remarkable event. It wins our five star review for originality and sheer fun.

The good news is that they intend to be back!

A Brief History of Vujaday

Vujaday introduction to Barbados came with decades of experience in the festival and events planning.  The founders operate world class clubs in Toronto such as Footwork Nightclub, Coda, The Hoxton and The Velvet Underground. They are known for staging Toronto, Canada events like Digital Dreams Music Festival, Electric Island, World Electronic Music Festival and All Day I Dream.

Vujaday Barbados also included a partnership with “The Confluence“, a creative media agency who have staged and promoted campaigns for international brands, conferences and music festivals in all parts of the world,  over the last decade.  They also teamed up with  Norman Barrow,  managing director of A&B Music in Barbados. Norman Barrow made sure that Bajan culture was respected and represented throughout Vujaday Barbados Music Festival.

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