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Explore the heritage of Barbados through it’s historic sites and monuments.

Barbados-UK Ties

Barbados-UK Ties

Barbados has a distinctly British heritage. The first English ship touched the islands shores in May 1625 and Barbados was claimed in the name of King James I. The English returned as settlers 2 years later and Barbados flew the British flag until becoming an independent nation in 1966. This was quite unusual as there was […]

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Changing of the Sentry in Barbados

Changing of the Sentry in Barbados

Each Thursday the historic Garrison area in Barbados comes alive with the “Changing Of The Sentry” ceremony! The event officially starts at 11:45 am but the crowd gathers earlier to mingle, enjoy the sweet steel pan music that fills the air, and get a good position to view the ceremony. The sound of the military band […]

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What’s On In Barbados

For an island that’s just 166 square miles it’s amazing how much there is to in Barbados! Every day, and every night, the island is abuzz with activity and there truly is something for everyone. For sports fans there’s: cricket playing nearly every weekend polo season between January and April horseracing throughout the year motorsports, […]

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Barbados Open House Programme 2012

Every January Bajans, the local ex-pat community and visitors begin to wonder… which houses will be on the Open House schedule this year?  Yes the Barbados National Trust’s Open House programme is that eagerly awaited! And this year, as always, there will be no disappointment! The season kicks off on January 18th with the opening […]

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Sweet Barbados Island Tours – discover the Caribbean’s sweetest island :)

Note: The Sweet Barbados Island Tours company no longer exists. Click here for currently available tours and excursions in Barbados. Looking for a new and exciting way to explore the Caribbean island of Barbados? Sweet Barbados Island Tours may be just what you’re after! This family run company makes you feel just like one of their […]

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Caribbean lighthouses – Barbados

Did you know that the Caribbean island of Barbados is home to four historic lighthouses? South Point Lighthouse, Barbados The oldest of Barbados’ lighthouses, South Point was assembled on the island in 1852. It had been shown at London’s Great Exhibition  in 1851. This and Needham’s Point lighthouse are in the best shape, however none […]

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Historic Barbados sites added to World Heritage List!

Barbados’ capital city Bridgetown and the nearby historic Garrison have gained approval to the prestigious World Heritage List! Take an interactive tour | View the photo gallery In approving the nomination the World Heritage Committee stated that the area was an outstanding example of British colonial architecture. Bridgetown was established in 1628 and quickly became the hub of […]


Mount Gay Rum: The story behind Barbados’ most famous export

Mount Gay Rum: The story behind Barbados’ most famous export

No trip to Barbados would be complete without a taste of the island’s national drink: rum.

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Garrison Historic Area, Barbados nominated for World Heritage List

Update: Barbados’ Bridgetown and Garrison added to World Heritage List! Take an interactive tour | View the photo gallery In our last post, we revealed that 2 Barbados sites have been nominated for inclusion on the World Heritage List. We then explored the first site, the capital city of Bridgetown. The second site nominated is the Garrison […]


2 Barbados sites nominated for World Heritage List

Update: Barbados’ Bridgetown and Garrison added to World Heritage List! Take an interactive tour of the area | View the photo gallery of historic building Two sites in Barbados have been nominated for inscription on the World Heritage List overseen by the United Nations. These sites are the capital city of Bridgetown and the historic Garrison Area. Bridgetown […]

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