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Rogues Tours Barbados takes you virtually to all the places mentioned or related to the chapters in the book rogues in Paradise. Click on the icons, and the map will zoom in and display a summary of the chapter.

Rogues Tours Map Barbados

Click on Any Chapter

Example- Chapter 20 of Rogues Tours, Barbados Rum Shops. Community centers, convenience stores, and local pub/bar/restaurant. The place to lime, unwind, and catch up on the gossip!

Rouges Tours Chaptter 20 - all abot rum shops

Each Chapter of Rogues in Paradise relates to a person, a place, or an event. The rogues, heroes, knights, and dames live, work or frequent the places mentioned in the chapters.

Chapter 10 Woolly Hewitt

woolly rohue artist

For example, you will find Woooly Hewitt of (Chapter 10), on the boardwalk.

He is the rogue folk artist often found walking the boardwalk where he frequently sits under a tree to paint.

He lives close by and sells his paintings that he hangs from the roadside trees at Accra beach.

Folk artist Woolly= Chapter 10 of rogues in paradise

Chapter 17 – Knights

Chapter 17 tells the story of two extraordinary people knighted for their contribution to society.

Both are mentioned and plotted on the map. In this case, we showcase Sir Charles Williams, affectionately known as COW.

Chapter 17 rogues tours of RoguesinParadise

Chapter 25 Murder Most High

Rogues chapter 25 - Trouble in Paradise

Historic places are where ships first landed, where battles were planned, charters were signed or where great mischief happened. Chapter 25in history, refers to murder most high where landed gentry plotted revenge over affairs at Nicholas Abbey.

Rogues Tours Chapter 25 Click the map to learn about the colonial  rogues of old times

Interactive Map

Learn more about Rogues mapping technology at:

Rogues in Paradise Book Map

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