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This Rogues in Paradise story traces the exploits of avid wind hunters on the quest for the perfect windsurfing. It introduces Jamie a repeat visitor with connections to the Island. He represents a vibrant part of Barbado’s tourism culture.

Getting Side Tracked on the Trail

In the Rogues story, avid windsurfer Jamie has an amusing encounter with a financial journalist who is also a wind hunter looking for the perfect wave. The journalist is keen to know more about the AIG bailout when he learns James was a key man restructuring and trimming it in the financial meltdown.

silver sands and De action man wind surfing and wind hunters

The intrigued journalist began by noting, “it is good to see the AIG bailout money is finally being put to good use.” indeed what better use than investing in leisure and spending time in an island paradise along with other like-minded rogues.

The story gets into details of hedging funds and windy guarantees. All with quirky fun banter that is slightly intelligent. It’s just a moment of levity, but the serious business of windsurfing with his buddy Tom soon takes center stage for Jamie. And that too has an unusual twist.

Here is a sniped from the story:

Sand, Sea, Sky & Wind Hunters

Bajans are excellent hosts, keen to please, enormously friendly, and fun. They are inventive and entrepreneurial, creating a treasure box of ways to explore, do things, and experience. Land, sea, underwater, underground, in the air, and up in the sky are the palette of their artistry. 

Reach for the Sky

sky high with the stars at the observatory

The sky and stars hold the wonders of the universe, and in Barbados, the Harry Bailey Observatory magnifies what you can see with its high-powered 16-inch telescope. It is the only Observator in the eastern Caribbean.

For an entirely different experience, astronomer Leo Branch (i) explores the universe with a 10-inch telescope set on a nearby beach. Small groups sit, sipping wine and snacks, as they gaze at the heavens to the sound of waves gently ebbing on the shore. These beach star gazing nights are mesmerizing. More About Leo – the Cosmic Pioneer >>>>

Leo Branch Astronomer – leobranchbarbados (at)
Telephone: land line (246) 420 6384 ,
Mobile ,whatsapp app (246 ) 230 0572

Attend this virtual Stargazing session

But Stay Grounded

aocean facing the beach with the reefs at sea

Enterprising and innovative Bajans cater to everyday activities above and below the land and sea. They pilot the submarines, manage safari tours, underground trips, and seafaring excursions. Bajans have an affinity for the ocean, and local surfers have become international stars. Forbes Magazine calls Barbados The “Surf Capital of the Caribbean (ii),” and surfers like Brian Talma are amongst the best in the world.

De Action Man

de ac tion man Brian Talma caering to all wind hunters

Brian, De Action Man, became famous for windsurfing the waves, all learned right at his doorstep at Silver Sands. It is the ideal location for a man wired to surf. To hit the waves with a sail filled with wind is an exhilaration. The boards fly over the surf to crash down, ready for the next roller coaster. Surfers zig-zag along the diagonal, flying up over the break and crash landing back on the ocean. 

jumping the perfect win surers wave

Brian describes himself as: “The tan I am, the man I am, the human I am… … Flip flop, baggie and the tan I am!!” He tells us “Beach culture revolutionize the mind… understand the line… at the office as bright as it shines.. cross the line.”

Surfers come from all over the world to take in the jive and hang with De Action Man. He is the ultimate professional, ensuring he has the best and most up-to-date equipment for the visitors who come to surf and learn techniques at this surfer shop.

De action man winds surfer shop

Surfer James with Bajan Roots

James Bolton, an avid windsurfer, says Brians’s equipment is far superior to his and it’s a treat to surf with the best. …….

avid windsurfer carrying board and sail against the wind- one time when you may not be searching for the wind

It’s not an easy sport. Carrying a surfboard and sail with the wind-fighting to snatch it from you is just the begging of the battle! Get the full story at rogues in paradise below.

Video by Rogues in Paradise

Woolly is one of the Characters featured in the Story of Barbados. Read all about the outrageous Caribbean characters, rogues, heroes, places, and history

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