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Visual Travel Planning Engages more & Doubles Participation!

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We’re proud of the achievements of our latest innovation – Visual Bookings Technology – which we shared with you a month ago when it was launched. Visual Travel Bookings was designed to help travelers more intuitively find what suited them, and of course its all visual with a lot of smart software behind it that makes it work.

Thank You For Your Interest & Support

For our Fans who travel to Barbados or who just stopped by to take a look, a heart felt “Thank You”, you have spoken with your actions and we appreciate your visit and your enthusiastic interest in the new technology.

If you are planning a visit to Barbados you can see all this at and in our previous video.

See Youtube – Visual Travel Planning a Hit with Travellers

Again, thanks to our  visitors who have shown they love it and are coming back, staying longer and most importantly finding rooms, hotels and resorts that match their holiday expectations.

What it Means for Travel

For destination websites like, or hotel & tourism associations or organizations that run a central booking system: This technology is outstanding as it offers travellers what they want and gives them a planning tool like no other. The result is that visitors enjoy the experience; they stay longer and do more on the site, checkout more hotel and options that before. And we have the social proof of that right here in this video.

In fact the rate at which people click onto a hotel website has more than doubled and the time spent on the site has increased substantially.

See it on YouTube Destination Travel Planning with Visual Bookings Technology | More on VisualBookingsTechnology >>>

Time spent on the site is one of the major measures of user satisfaction and interest, and when we look at these figures, we see that time spent on each page is on average 3.44 mins with Visual Bookings Technology, whereas the average for non visual bookings was only 53 seconds per page.

The Time users stay on the new VBT  pages has gone up a whopping 600 percent!

In other words, with Visual Bookings Technology visitors are 6 times more engaged with the site and the rate at which they click off to hotels sites has more that doubled.

Visual Travel Planning and Bookings is the Future

So that’s the crux of the matter: Today travelers want to see what it is they are getting and visual systems are here to stay. With our experience visitors are 6 times more engaged with the site and the rate at which they click off to hotels sites and bookings has more than doubled.

Well we have not measured the booking yet … that’s next. But if the percentage of people linking to the website is 3 times more, it just stands to reason that if they like what they see there, they are more likely to save it, book it or come back again. And that is what every tourism authority and travel marketing organization wants.

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We Love to Hear from You

Please  leave comments below. Critiques and suggestion are always welcome.

We would love to know what you think of the new technology and how it works for you.

Just add your comments to the box below.


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