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Try Rihanna’s new Vita Coco Coconut Water with Tropical Fruit!

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Best-selling recording artist and singing sensation Rihanna is the newest member of the Vita Coco family. Born and raised in Barbados, Rihanna embodies the island lifestyle. Growing up drinking coconut water (straight out of the baby green coconut!) and eating tropical fruit, she exemplifies the “born on a beach” mentality that characterizes Vita Coco. With a unique island voice, she has captured attention the world over.

In collaboration with Rihanna, Vita Coco took 100% natural coconut water, pink guava, fresh oranges, red dragon fruit, and pineapple, and sliced, diced, and squeezed them into a bottle. It’s not your average fruit punch – it’s tropical, natural and delicious.

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