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Monkey Business – The Travelling Minstrels

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Monkeys Travelling Minstrels

The Barbados monkeys travelling minstrels show is fun interlude to the Barbados Covid19 curfew! In fact it happens mainly because of the curfew. Barbados green monkeys are getting rather brave as no one is about and the place is remarkably quiet. They are frequent visitors and add hours of entertainment as you can see here in this Instagram IGTV video on the Barbados Monkeys Traveling Minstrels.

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The travelling minstrels arrived early in the morning. ➡️ They came unannounced and full of vigour, fun and drama. There were wresting matches, flying circus acts, cartwheels and moments of high tension on the high wire with all the antics and acrobatics of a Cirque du Soleil extravaganza. The show lasted for about an hour with a short intermission for the move from the courtyard to the back stage with the parallel bars and tree climbing. “Cat on the hot tin roof” made a brief appearance and the audience was enthralled. One must appreciate the effort; it’s a family act. They probable live in the mangrove forest at Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and travel miles just to entertain us in this time of the #Covid19 #Barbados #curfew #barbados #monkeys #greenmonkey #curfewentertainment

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Monkeys Stage Traveling Minstrel Entertainment

Above is the first Act of a two act play on day 1 of the series. This performance takes place on the courtyard. There is a brief intermission as the stage moves to the back gardens with several delightful trees to swing and jump on.

Barbados Monkeys Travelling Minstrels Show

Barbados Green Monkey

The Barbados green monkeys have been living on the islands for about 350 years. They originally came from Senegal and the Gambia in West Africa approximately. “About 75 generations have occurred since these monkeys arrived in Barbados and, as a result of environmental differences and evolution, the Barbados monkeys today have different characteristics than those in West Africa.” Source Barbados Green Monkey

The monkeys are thought to have been brought to the Caribbean as pets by slavers. Thy were transported across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean islands, along with the enslaved Africans. The monkeys subsequently escaped or were released and became naturalized.

They are now native to several West Indian islands including Barbados, Saint Kitts, Nevis, Anguilla, and Saint Martin.

barbados monkeys traveling minstrels
monkeys relaxing between acts

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