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Rogues in paradise is the latest Barbados Book author Ian R. Clayton, founder of the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia. Here is some of his thinking on the Meaning of Rogues in Paradise and the story it presents.

Proffessor Describes What Rogue Means

Examples of Caribbean Rogues

I thought that maybe some of the characters I feature in ROGUES, would not want to be associated with a book about Rogues. To my surprise, many of the extraordinary ordinary people in the book loved the idea. An unofficial rogues society is brewing. It also includes some of the knights and official heroes. So, I thought it would best to describe precisely “what is a rogue” and, more specifically, “what does rogue mean.” A recent Rogues in Paradise blog, offers examples of Noble Rogues, Pirate Rogues, and Slave Rogues.

Novel Rogues

On Reddit, you will find that: “Practically everybody on Firefly, aside from maybe Jayne, is a rogue. Robin Hood and most of his Merry Men are all rogues. Wesley and Inigo from Princess Bride, the Gentleman Bastards, the beloved Captain Jack Sparrow, and other good pirates.” 

Just about all of the knights of King Arthur’s round table were rogues, and James Bond certainly was a rogue, too. But the list goes on. Hollywood is full of Rogues from Indiana Jones to Han Solo.  In fact, there are many types of rogues from film stars to pelicans and all in between.

Holywood Rogues

Hollywood rogues are people who don’t necessarily align with the forces of good. Still, most represent everything that good forces are fighting for. They are small-time scoundrels, determined not to be goody-two-shoes even if they care deeply for humanity.

Hans Solo is the lovable, ill-mannered scoundrel who doesn’t want to admit there’s a lot more hero in him than villain. He is a softie but camouflages it with a badass attitude as he fights his way around the galaxy, stealing and swindling all who pass by.

Women Rogues

As we say in Rogues in Paradise, rogues are not all men. Some like Rachel Pringle of Barbados are strong-willed women of enormous character. Wonder Women like Peggy Carter of Marvel Comics is a superhero who has been in both Captain America movies. Like Rachel Pringle, an extraordinary Barbados woman, Peggy Carter does not have superpowers, just character and determination. Most Marvel Comic superheroes are rogues.

Veronica Mars takes on the flippant attitude and the cool character of a woman rogue. She is a rascal and would likely bounce you on the head if you suggested she was ever polite. She has been compared to Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

In a separate blog about Caribbean Rogues, you will find reference to women pirate rogues. They fought as hard as the men and were admired for their courage by friend and foe.

Rogue Cops and Cowboys

Clint Eastwood led the way as a cowboy rogue turned wayward cop in Dirty Harry. Fighting for good, he did not let rules stop him and had no time for being polite and well-mannered. He could be sarcastic and unapologetically direct. 
Rogues are Romantic

New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Rowe’s “Rogue Cowboy’s Second Chance” is a “contemporary romance at its best” (Bex ‘N’ Books). Both cowboys and rogues conjure up visions of adventure and romance. There are a string of romantic novels and movies about rogues and romance. If you are going to be involved with a rogue, life will certainly be an adventure. You will likely go into uncharted territory, take risks and live on the edge. 

Origins of the Word Rogues

Rogues are lovable rascals, but they are not paragons of virtue. They will break the law and often act for personal profit. This was so for George Wickham in Pride and Prejudice, which illustrates that literature has many rogues as the central character. A good example of this is The Hobbit.

The first recorded use of Rogues in print was in 1561 with John Awdely’s Fraternity of Vagabonds, followed by  Thomas Harman’s Caveat for Common Cursitors (1566). In 1572, England proclaimed the Vagabond Act, defining a rogue as a person who has no land, no master, and no legitimate trade or source of income; it included rogues in the class of idle vagrants or vagabonds. There was no love for these fifteen-century British rogues, and many may have been shipped to Barbados. But they are not the Rogues in Paradise we are talking about.

Video Summary of Types of Rogues

This video is a quick overview of the blog. If you are tired of reading and like to see the facts it will help.

Barbados Book – RoguesinParadise

The book Rogue in Paradise is the Real Story of Barbados. It is a book about Barbados People set in modern times, and determined by a unique history and heritage. It starts with a cast of fun-loving characters that range from beach vendors to knights of the realm. It features Barbados people and culture of all types and of course the best of Rogues. They are the loveable rogues and unsung heroes who represent the real people of Barbados.

They are characters like Woolly, an artist who transforms a famous TV host’s visit into a springboard for his success, and the real genuine rogue Ace who moves with the rhythm of Afican drums and Caribbean reggae beating a pattern with his feet on the street.

The Anecdotal stories of dozens of characters and insights into history and heritage explain the unprecedented historical significance of Barbados and its people: A tiny island and a people set apart. It celebrates cultural identity, friendship, and the human spirit in us all.

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The Real Story of Barbados – a remarkable people, place & history

Rogues -The real story of Barbados

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