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June-July is a wonderful time to visit Barbados, with the Flamboyant Trees in full bloom!

Flamboyant Trees in Barbados

All across the island abundant blooms of red, orange and yellow flowers brighten our days as we enter the rainy season.

Abundant red Flamboyant flowers

These trees go by many names around the world, including Royal Poinciana and Fire Tree, but in Barbados we refer to it as the Flamboyant.

Yellow Flamboyant Flowers

Originating in Madagascar, the Flamboyant has happily adapted to Caribbean life and is found in abundance on most islands in the region. Its deep roots help it resist the trade winds and survive the dry season.

Childhood Pleasures

The pods of the Flamboyant Trees are long and slender, just the right size for children to stage make-believe “sword” fights!

Pod of the Flamboyant Tree

Filled with rattling seeds when dry, the pods also become musical instruments in the hands of kids who use them as shak-shaks similar to maracas or shakers.

The dense shade produced by these massive trees provide respite from the summer heat, creating the perfect spots to while away the summer school holidays!

Barbados Garden Tours

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