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Fascinating Barbados Placenames… Incl. Penny Hole, Break Neck Hill and Featherbed Lane!

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As you travel around Barbados you’ll discover some fascinating place-names with an intriguing story behind them! Here are some of our favourites…..

Penny Hole – located in the south-eastern parish of St.Philip this area was once the home of an English priest named Rev. Penny who, in order to get easy access to the beach, cut a hole in a rock on his property!

Featherbed Lane – also in the parish of  St.Philip this name was derived from two sisters living in the area who owned feather beds, a luxury at the time.

Tent Bay – this picturesque bay on the east coast of island got its name because a sea captain pitched a tent & lived on this spot!

Tent Bay

Tent Bay

Six Men’s Bay – apparently this name was given when canoes carrying 6 Amerindians (early inhabitants of the Caribbean islands) were spotted here.

Break Neck Hill – this unfortunate name came about as a result of a fatal accident at the scene in which a victim broke his neck.

The large number of green monkeys found on the island has given rise to two interesting place-names – Apes Hill in St.James and Monkey Jump in St.Joseph!

Monkeying Around!

Monkeying Around!





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