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Boardwalk Art Exhibit

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There’s a wonderful new addition to the Barbados south coast boardwalk… a stunning art exhibit!

On a construction “wall” hang colorful, creative works by local artists, bringing Bajan culture to the boardwalk.

This vibrant public exhibit reveals the immense talent of the local art community.

Pieces range from the whimsical to the thought provoking. Some capture elements of Barbados’ past while others envisage an even brighter future for the island.

Artwork showcasing elements of rural Barbados including a chattel house and black belly sheep.

Abstract, contemporary, impressionist… there’s something here to capture everyone’s attention.

Along the artwork are informative boards providing information on the piece and the artist in case you are interested in learning more or purchasing the artwork. Some include QR codes which you can easily scan!

Behind the hoarding construction of Hotel Indigo, a brand of the InterContinental Hotels Group, is underway.

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