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New Barbados Bank Notes

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In December 2022, the Central Bank of Barbados released an attractive new series of bank notes.

2022 Barbados Banknotes

The new polymer banknotes are more durable than the previous bills and are harder to replicate and easier to authenticate.

The bills include a number of security features such as hidden numbers, and symbols that only show under UV light. There are also tactile marks for the visually impaired.

You can continue to use your existing banknotes. Those notes will remain in circulation for several years as we transition to the new notes.

Barbados banknotes come in 6 denominations, each with a portrait honoring meritorious Barbadians:

$2 (Blue)
Portrait: John Redman Bovell – scientist and agronomist; credited with saving the local sugar industry through research and genetic experiments.
Reverse: Morgan Lewis Windmill

$5 (Green)
Portrait: Sir Frank Worrell – outstanding cricketer, first black man to captain the West Indies cricket team, and senator in Jamaica’s parliament.
Reverse: 3Ws Oval

$10 (Brown)
Portrait: Charles Duncan O’Neal – medical doctor, campaigner for social justice, and member of parliament. One of Barbados’ National Heroes.
Reverse: Charles Duncan O’Neal Bridge

$20 (Purple)
Portrait: Samuel Jackman Prescod – journalist, social campaigner, and first non-white member of the House of Assembly. One of Barbados’ National Heroes.
Reverse: Parliament Buildings

$50 (Orange)
Portrait: Errol Barrow – first Prime Minister of the island which he led to Independence in 1966. One of Barbados’ National Heroes.
Reverse: Independence Square

$100 (Grey)
Portrait: Sir Grantley Adams – lawyer, social reformer, and Prime Minister of the West Indies Federation. One of Barbados’ National Heroes.
Reverse: Grantley Adams International Airport

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