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Surfing in Barbados!

Surfing in Barbados!

A recent New York Times travel article asked surfing insiders and designers where they like to surf… no surprise that Barbados was mentioned!

Soraya Silchenstedt and Candice Pool, who run Finn Jewellery in New York City, picked Barbados as their favourite surf spot with special mention of Freights Bay in the south and High Rock in the east.

Kelly Slater has also picked Barbados among his top five secluded surfing spots.

Barbados’ unique position as the nearest land mass west of the African continent means we experience Atlantic swells and tradewinds throughout the year creating excellent surfing conditions. The biggest waves are usually found along the east coast at the popular Soup Bowl in Bathsheba. Experienced surfers will love it there.

For the less experienced there are many surfing spots with gentler waves to get you started. Several locals run surf shops providing lessons and renting boards. It’s great fun even if you’ve never been on (much less stood up on!) a surfboard before.

So when planning your next surf vacation – or when you’re looking for something new to try on your tropical holiday – consider surfing in Barbados!

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