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Barbados beach of the week: The Crane

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No visit to Barbados is complete without at least a few hours spent at The Crane.

The view is best seen from the gallery of the historic section of The Crane Hotel, perhaps with a late afternoon cup of tea or a Piña Colada. From this position, high up on the cliff edge, it is easy to see why Crane beach Barbados has been described as “one of the Ten Best Beaches in the World” by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Beautiful Crane Beach, Barbados

Beautiful Crane Beach, Barbados© Margaret Bourne

The Crane actually has two beaches; one is flanked by The Crane Hotel and cliff. The other, which lies slightly to the north, is very secluded.

The public beach access lies at the bottom of a small hill in between the two beaches. The beaches are not easily accessible even here unless you are steady on your feet so for those of us who aren’t, we can totally enjoy the view from the gallery at The Crane Hotel.

The Crane Hotel offers a day pass that is redeemable at their bar and restaurants and allows you to use the elevator and the stairs that lead down onto the main beach.

A swim at The Crane is most invigorating, but only for those experienced in swimming in powerful waves, an undertow and turbulent seas.

It is rough for boogie boarding but some bring their boogie boards along and play in the surf.

Life Guards are on duty on the beach during the main part of the day. If you are uncertain, have a chat with them before going in to the water.

A couple of local fishermen fish successfully while standing on the beach with just a fishing line and a number 14 hook.

Beach chairs and umbrellas are for the guests of the Crane Hotel, but there are other entrepreneurs who offer rentals.

When traveling to The Crane, the route takes you passed the airport so this would be a good opportunity for a visit to the Concorde Experience.

You can get to The Crane by bus or by car. The bus is the Crane/Sam Lords bus – check the Barbados Transport Board website for the schedule. If you prefer, rent a car from one of the many reputable companies on-island.

On the roadside, on the left heading north, just before the public beach access, you will find Cutters Deli, bright yellow, hard to miss. They offer a really excellent fish cutter and pride themselves on using only fresh Bajan ingredients. They even provide beach delivery! They are open daily 9-5, and often on a Sunday you can enjoy live music in the afternoon. Bring your guitar or sing along.

Cutters Deli, Barbados

Cutters Deli, Barbados

Have you been to The Crane beach? If so, please share your memories with us in the comments area below.
If not, be sure to add it to your ‘to-do’ list for your next Barbados vacation.

Any suggestions for our next Barbados Beach of the Week?

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