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Barbados Beach of the Week: Needhams Point

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. what does this one say to you?

Needhams Point, Barbados

Needhams Point, Barbados

To us it speaks to the beauty of the Needham’s Point area… our pick for the Barbados Beach of The Week!

Needham’s Point is located on the south-western point of Barbados and indeed is a great example of the calm waters of the western coast meeting the more lively waves of the southern coast.

Needham’s Point is really home to 3 wonderful Barbados beaches…

Starting on the western side is the very popular Pebbles beach. Here you will find calm waters ideal for swimming and light sea bathing. This spot suits all ages and swimming abilities. Overlooking Pebbles Beach is the Pier One restaurant of the Grand Barbados hotel and this is a wonderful spot to have lunch. If you’re looking for a light lunch stop by the small canteen located directly off Pebbles Beach where you’ll find cool drinks and some of the best ‘cutters’ on the island! (Cutters are like sandwiches and usually come with ham, cheese, fish or ¬†fish between a freshly baked salt bread).

Heading further south onto the Needham’s Point beach the waves become a bit more active but man-made protection in front of the Barbados Hilton hotel create safe areas for swimming.

Just a little further on is the Drill Hall beach, so named because it is directly behind the headquarters of the Barbados Defence Force. This beach is renowned for its small pools that are ideal for younger children to splash around in.

Between Needham’s Point beach and Drill Hall beach is an area where the lively waves create ideal conditions for boogie boarding and even surfing for beginners.

Discover more about Needham’s Point including a historic lighthouse!


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