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Atlantis Submarines Barbados: 5 Star Review

more Barbados news options is pleased to announce a new video reviews service for its clients. The service helps hotels and activities create and publish animated videos of what visitors think of their hotel or tour.

Here is an example of a 5 star review for Atlantis Submarines Barbados:

A service of HolidayHotelReviews

Published by BarbadosTours &, this Five Star review by Harene on TripAdvisor has been animated with a video clip by and is distributed on several web channels including YouTube, twitter, facebook, pinterest, google+, delicious, tumblr and reddit.

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In this marvelous review, Harene informs us that the undersea adventure was a fabulous experience for the whole family. On their dive they were lucky to see many different kinds of fish (beautiful colors), turtles, coral reefs, eels, an octopus and a sunken ship! The submarine went down to 145ft.

The animated “review video” is published on the network and other digital networks including AtlantisSubmarines sites.


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