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GoPro Video of Horse Whispers

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Seeing the Barbados race horses run the beaches and swim in the early morning is just one of the many ways that your days can unfold in Barbados. While the majority of these pedigree racehorses love the water, it is not always the case and, as the saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t always make them drink it”. In this case one young filly absolutely refuses to get her feet wet.

The horse handler tries to push, pull and cajole her, even resorting to horse whispers in an attempt to get her into the sea. This and all other deviating tactic fail, even saying “OK lets just walk the beach then” all the while trying to lead her into the sea. In typical horse-whispers style he turns his back on her and looks away, as though he just does not care, but that too has no effect, as she looks contentedly out to sea, unmoved by his lack of attention as she was by his pushed and pulling.

In the end he calls for help and you can see how they finally get her in for a sea bath on the new page

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