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Engelbert Humperdinck picks Barbados as ‘favorite vacation destination’!

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Engelbert Humperdinck, who boasts over 60 gold and 24 platinum albums, has picked Barbados as his favourite vacation destination!

In an interview with Jae-Ha Kim of Tribune Media Services, Humperdinck says:

When I first made it in the business and forced myself to take a chunk of time away from the road to be with my family, I went to Settlers Beach in Barbados. We would go six weeks at a time with our children, a teacher, my parents, her parents and a friend or two. We’d rent three houses and set up life as if we hadn’t a care in the world or a world to get back to. It was perfect. My beautiful wife, Patricia, and I renewed our wedding vows in Barbados a few years ago.

We’re so pleased that Engelbert enjoyed his stays in Barbados and choose our lovely island for the renewal of his wedding vows. We hope he enjoys many more visits to our shores.

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