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Barbados wins big at Taste of the Caribbean!

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Barbados won top team prize at the Taste of the Caribbean 2013 competition, which showcases the works of the best chefs and bartenders from around the Caribbean.

In addition to winning the team Gold, a number of chefs on the Barbados team were awarded for individual dishes.

* Gold medal – Team
* Gold medal – Seafood
* Gold Medal – Junior Chef
* Best Seafood Dish – Nathan Crichlow – Sandy Lane
* Best beef Dish – Kenneth Whittington – Sandpiper
* Most Creative Cocktail – Rohan Hackshaw – Sandy Lane
* Silver medal – Chef of the Year – Andre Nurse – Hilton
* Silver medal – Pastry Chef of the Year – Julian Broome – Sandy Lane
* Silver medal Cheesecake Competition – Julian Broome
* Silver medal Cheesecake Competition – Michael Harrison – Cobblers Cove
* Silver medal Beef Competition – Kenneth Whittington
* Silver medal – Bartender of the Year – Rohan Hackshaw

Barbados has a rich culinary history and some of the finest restaurants in the Caribbean. From internationally-rated oceanfront restaurants to casual eateries, you’ll find delicious food across the island!

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