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Barbados Beach of the Week… Skeetes Bay

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The calm waters of Barbados’ west coast attract those looking for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing on white sandy beaches. The more lively south coast invites you to enjoy a host of water sports such as kayaking, boogie boarding, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

The east coast is best known for its excellent surfing conditions, but along this coastline you’ll also find many quiet bays that beckon you to just relax, enjoy a picnic and a refreshing dip in the Atlantic Ocean. It is along this coast that we find today’s Beach of the Week… Skeetes Bay.

Skeetes Bay, Barbados

Skeetes Bay, Barbados

Robert Lee wrote a lovely poem about this place, which begins with the words:

One always missed the turning, but found, in time the broken sign that pointed crookedly

This is very true 🙂 … it’s quite easy to miss the road that leads to Skeetes Bay but keep the map (or GPS) handy and a eye out for the sign and you’ll soon discover this paradise.

Its remoteness is part of the charm of Skeetes Bay; rarely are there more than a handful of people on the beach, especially not on the weekends. During the week it’s a bit more lively as Skeetes Bay is also a small fishing village and you’ll spot the fishermen heading out in their traditional local fishing boats or bringing in the day’s catch to be sold at the market.

Skeetes Bay is a great place to just relax on the benches and enjoy the refreshing breezes of the Tradewinds.

Since this is a bay, the sea is quite calm however you should exercise care when taking a swim as there is no lifeguard on duty. A bit of light boogie boarding or fishing off the jetty is also time well spent at Skeetes Bay.

View from the clifftop looking towards the lighthouse

View from the clifftop looking towards the lighthouse

For the more adventurous, head up to the clifftops and be rewarded with spectacular views of this rugged coastline shaped by years of pounding waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Less than a mile to the south you’ll spot another bay and Culpepper Island, a small uninhabited island (not much more than a large rock really!).  You’ll also see the Ragged Point Lighthouse, one of four lighthouses on the island and testimony to our maritime history.

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