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Why visit Barbados in summer?

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It’s always a great time to visit Barbados! But the summer* months offer a few extra incentives.

First off, despite being in the rainy season, the weather is usually super and sunny. The seas are a bit warmer than in the December to April “winter” months and, due to tidal conditions, the beaches are wider than usual.

Summer is also time for the Barbados carnival (or “Crop Over”) season. Local music hits the airwaves by early June and continues their infectious rhythms through to August. It’s a time for partying with friends and just enjoying life.

As it’s not peak tourist season the beaches, hotels and restaurants are a bit quieter so its great for a romantic getaway.

Summer specials are on offer from April through to December so do take advantage of these great deals at Barbados hotels, resorts, guesthouses, attractions and restaurants.

Watch the video below to see Barbados specials and click on any one of the specials for details.

You can also visit for all the latest deals.

* Weather-wise it’s pretty much always summer in Barbados with warm temperatures and lots of sunshine year-round.

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